RPR International Recruitment Agency Inc. was established with specific focus on Employee-Employer requirements. Since our inception, we have successfully built-up a group of competent recruitment professionals to become part of our valuable workforce for continuing growth and success.

We have customer-focused recruitment consultants and specialists that are highly skilled and trained including experienced job evaluators and support staff in our recruitment and placement services.

Our Vision

To connect the right companies with the right people; ultimately creating an interface of employers and employees from various industries across business in our desire to help our clients succeed in their business and in their careers.

Our Mission

  • We ensure that the manpower needs of our clients today and tomorrow are met in terms of quantity and quality. We continuously strive to get the most qualified candidates for the job to help our clients achieve the organizational goals and objectives.
  • We understand the challenges that many business face when looking for qualified staffing professionals. The result is a proven track record of making sure both the candidate and the company are completely satisfied.
  • We managed to build an above reproach reputation of selecting the best and most qualified manpower for all our client workforce requirements. We remain steadfast in maintaining the highest standards of excellence, professionalism and integrity in its recruitment endeavors.
  • We will locate, select, screen and mobilize potential talents wherever and whenever you need them.  Our industry-specific focus allows us to develop an in-depth of experience, expertise, and connections that no other recruiting and staffing firms can match.
  • We focus our recruitment activities towards the huge demand for workers in various industries towards the huge demand for workers in various industry sectors ins Saudi Arabia as well as neighboring Middle Eastern countries as we intend to become the prime recruitment agency that will deploy qualified, professional and licensed Overseas Foreign Workers from the Philippines.